Waste & Biomass incineration power plant
50 thousand tonnes /year
Two boiler lines: total 22 t/h 450C 42 bar
5MW electrical power.


3 complete Steam Boilers
Producer: Babcock Wilcox
Type: FML 1271BN Membran wall water tube
Year of production 1998
Maximum capacity : 30 t / h (if fired with natural gas)
Working capacity : 25 t / h (if fired with landfill  gas)
Steam pressure nominal: 40 bar
Maximum Steam pressure: 49 bar
Steam temperature: 395 C
Combined gas/oil burners for biogas includes
Producer of burners : Pillard
Type: 412
Year of production 1998
Fuel type: Biogas / oil
Maximum power: 23.7 MW
Minimum power: 3.85 MW
PLC control cabinet
Production Year 1998
New burners for natural gas could be installed.