Fumar at Rebuild Ukraine Conference 2023

Febuary 15th Fumar has joined “Rebuild Ukraine” international conference and expo in Warsaw.

The international exhibition and conference ReBuild Ukraine was held in Warsaw, Poland from February 15-16, 2023.

The event was held under auspices of the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Ministry for Reintegration of the Temporary Occupied Territories, as well as relevant ministries of EU partner countries.

Source: nppc.pl

The main aim of this event was to accelerate the attraction of financing for the reconstruction of Ukrainian Communities which suffered as the result of the military aggression, and the attraction of investments to the cities and regions of Ukraine, which currently support millions of displaced families and have attractive investment opportunities.

For Fumar the participation in the event resulted in a deeper understanding of the current situation in Ukraine as well as a series of successful meetings. Read more about the event on the UCCI.ORG.UA website here (ENG).