Fumar as a Strategic Partner of the “5th Forum on Biomass and Waste Combustion” Warsaw

A lecture on “Biomass and alternative fuels combustion technologies” was given on behalf of Fumar by Rafał Rajczyk, PhD, Eng. of the Institute of Advanced Energy Technologies at Częstochowa University of Technology.

The event was organized in light of the growing interest in biomass and waste by the overall commercial and thermal power sector and municipal services industry. It features a series of debates, meetings and side events hosting guests from Poland and abroad.

Source: cbepolska.pl

The topics of sessions and discussions include the most relevant issues regarding the development of the biomass sector and the companies related to the WTE (waste to energy) industry. The main purpose of the Forum is to bring together experts from many countries in order to exchange experiences on the latest developments related to the use of biomass and waste for energy purposes. As of today, the Forum serves as a platform for the exchange of up-to-date knowledge and an important tool for the transfer of know-how, technology and innovation.

Source: cbepolska.pl

“We should expect a renewed interest in biomass combustion”

Rafał Rajczyk, PhD, Eng. of the Institute of Advanced Energy Technologies at Częstochowa University of Technology, Poland, discussed the possibilities of implementing biomass and RDF power generation projects in the current market realities, using the example of Fumartech, which was one of the Strategic Partners of the 5th edition of the Forum of Biomass & Waste. He began his lecture by presenting and discussing market trends for the biomass and waste sector. According to the expert, after the biomass market downturn in the years 2013-2015, an increased interest in biomass combustion should be expected, if only because of the so-called “distance law” biomass is likely to become the dominant RES in Poland again.
Fumartech representative concluded that after years of experience with co-combustion, dedicated combustion of locally sourced biomass in medium- and low-power boilers appears to be the most environmentally friendly solution. Grate-firing of biomass offers the possibility to burn the most challenging fuels with wide variability of parameters and has a high availability – more than 8200 hours per year. The range of calorific value of combustible fuels in projects implemented by Fumar falls between 5 and 21 MJ per kg, and the maximum moisture content can be as high as 65%.

Rafał Rajczyk also pointed out that these technologies help to reduce costs associated with grinding and fuel preparation, they also decrease operational problems to a minimum. He also presented a range of waste boilers with horizontal design, which are a dedicated solution for fuels with a strong tendency towards boiler fouling (e.g., RDF). The representative of the Częstochowa University of Technology stressed that the situation is particularly favorable in industrial plants, where the Clients have their own fuel at their disposal. E.g., in the form of waste biomass, and when there is a need for process heat (e.g., for hot air for drying or steam). The expert concluded his speech by presenting several reference implementations.

Source: cbepolska.pl